Our Natural Padparadscha Collection

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    Experienced gemmologists thoroughly test our gemstones
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    We sell only natural gemstones - No synthetic or treated gemstones
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Our Natural Gemstones

Our gemstones are not just another collection. Our inspired natural gem collection will always deliver value for money for you. We always make sure we sell only quality gemstones for our customers. 

  • Cut: The cut of our gemstones is exceptional. This is one of the factors which fuels for excellent collection of gems. Our cutting team will make sure that all the gemstones we sell will have a great cut.
  • Colour: The colour is also another fact that we care lot. All the gemstones we put will have nice colours which our customers love.
  • Clarity: We sell only gemstones which have negligible number of gemstones. We do not sell the cracked gemstones in our store.

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